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San Francisco Events is the city’s premier, full-service experience event provider. With over a decade of hosting the most extravagant parties in the Bay Area, we know what it takes to create the perfect event. We are the company renowned for infusing the hottest trending experiences into our event planning strategy. We work with San Francisco’s best venues – its finest bars, clubs, hotels, yachts and lounges. We connect you with the area’s most sought after vendors, caterers and music talent. We specialize in social and corporate special events. Let us plan your night so you can concentrate on enjoying it.

We are the number one trusted home for stunning nightlife events in San Francisco including New Year’s Eve Events, Halloween Events, St. Patrick’s Day events, Bar Crawl events, day parties, yacht parties and more. We make it a priority to give our clients the best experience; a personalized, unique, flawless and memorable experience. Our team’s diligent, meticulous and coordinated approach ensures our clients experience what they dream of; a nightlife to remember. Our style and brand are built and driven by performance, passion, and results because we have a passion for parties ourselves!

Get in touch with our experienced, dedicated personnel to put together a custom experience your guests will never forget, or secure your tickets now to our upcoming special events.

For assistance and inquiries, contact us at info@sfevents.com. One of our hosts is on standby to help you plan an amazing night.

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